Got Jesus?
 You're right, this page has nothing to do with planes or puppies,
However, this is the most important page on this web site.
-If I had information that was guaranteed to help you to better manage your finances,   would you want that info?
-If I knew of a counselor that would discreetly help mend and heal a hurting relationship, would you want His number?
-If I told you of a solution  that will confidentially help you or a family member to be free from the vicious cycle of addiction, (to money, drugs, medicines, alcohol, or ? ), would you be interested?  
-What If you could enjoy these benefits, choose the time and place for the appointments,  and someone else paid the bill in full?

Sounds too good to be true, but it IS TRUE.  It's been available to us our entire life, In God's Word!  By God's grace and unconditional love,
He sent His Son Jesus Christ among us to die on the cross to pay in full the price of our redemption.

Sound confusing?  It's all explained in His #1 best seller, The Holy Bible.

It is very important that  you don't  take anyone's word for it.  

You can read the truth from God's word for yourself today.

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